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AIME offers an assortment of products and services.  Please use the Contact Us option if you have any questions.


Annual Subscription - $35.00

A timely publication providing updates on AIME and issues relating to copyright, multimedia and other motion media topics. Contains a regular column written by AIME's legal counsel. 

Major discounts are available for multiple subscriptions of 100 or more.  Please contact the AIME office for details.

Copyright Information Packet

Price $19.95

A print packet of information and article reprints related to intellectual property issues. Questions/Answers from the legal counsel for AIME are also included.

Newsletter in PDF Format

AIME Newsletter PDF Available for Members!



If your educational service agency, school district, college/university, region or state would like to provide an electronic copy of the AIME newsletter to each student, teacher and administrator, AIME now offers a PDF subscription option.  A fee formula based on student population is the method for determining costs.  A single PDF of each quarterly issue would be sent from the AIME office to the designated contact person for distribution.



Student Population                                               Cost per student/per year



0-999                                                                                                     Minimum of $50



1,000-5,000                                                                                          $ .045



5,001-10,000                                                                                        $ .04



10,001-20,000                                                                                     $ .035



20,001-50,000                                                                                     $ .03      



50,001-100,000                                                                                   $ .025



100,001 +                                                                                              $ .02





Annual cost per student  X number of students = annual subscription cost for 4 quarterly PDF issues.



Print copies will still be available.  Multiple subscriptions shipped on a single address.



Up to 39 additional subscriptions                                                     $35 each



First 40-200 subscriptions                                                                 $10 each



Over 200 subscriptions                                                                      $10 for first 200, each additional subscription $5 each          





Rationale for Multiple Subscriptions:



1.      Make copyright information more readily and easily available to teachers, students and administrators in multiple buildings and classrooms



2.     Provide greater awareness of intellectual property law and of AIME, the organization working as a copyright resource



3.     Libraries, media centers and central service agencies can provide added value for teachable moments in a variety of student-centered locations



4.     Provision of newsletter content assists in teacher training and support of educational copyright policies



5.     General and specific questions based on real-life scenarios are answered in each issue by an attorney specializing in copyright law



6.     Legislative updates on copyright, trademark and intellectual property issues are provided throughout the year



7.     Case law is defined for various court decisions and discussed in lead articles by the legal counsel for AIME



Sample Newsletter Topics:



·         Copyright and Digital Yearbooks



·         The Other Digital Music Controversy:  Online Compulsory License



·         Copyright Cops:  The Future of Educators?



·         The Complete National Geographic Lives!



·         Cracking the Anti-Circumvention Code



·         The iPod and Podcasting in the Classroom:  Copyright “Rulecasts” to Heed



·         Downloading Video and Audio Content






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West Milton, PA 17866
Email: geoff.c@craventech.com

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