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AIME seeks to promote fair and appropriate use of the media and equipment delivering information in a rapidly changing world. 

The Association for Information Media and Equipment was founded in 1986 by educational film/video producers and distributors.  Today, institutional and corporate members have identified the organization's strong reputation for the quality of copyright support it provides to schools, libraries and the educational media industry.
An institutional member from Missouri states their AIME membership, " is without a doubt the best membership I have.  I am the copyright officer for the district as well as presenter of copyright workshops."  Another member indicates the value of direct, written responses from an attorney specializing in copyright and intellectual property law is well worth the cost of membership, since her local school board attorney is not as well versed in this area of the law.  With the many changes recently in copyright law, and the rapid growth of digital technologies for delivery of media and content, it is often difficult to stay current.  An AIME membership provides the copyright support needed!
  •  Have you received questions about preloaded video and audio content for use by students, administrators and teachers?  
  •   Do the schools or departments in your service area allow videotaping of school plays and musical productions?  Do they ask that these programs be broadcast on public access channels?  What are the copyright implications?
  • Do you post PowerPoint presentations on your official website?  Do you know the problems and pitfalls that might spell copyright trouble?         
  • Working with Web 2.0, who’s responsible for content?  What’s the role for Fair Use?  
  •  Do you use technology to produce specially formatted materials for the blind or individuals with other disabilities?  Just because you have the technology, are all uses legal? 
  •  Is it OK to use film clips in professional development sessions?  
  •  Have you received questions about preloaded video and audio content for use by students, administrators and teachers? 
  •  Can schools and educational service agencies retransmit cable or broadcast signals for the purposes of viewing these signals by students and staff?
  • Does your agency have performance contracts with students for the creation of any content or medium?  What are the limits on the use of these works?  Does the fact that the artist (and performance contractor) is a minor have any impact on the copyright agreement? 
  •  Why do distributors charge different tiered purchase fees for content?  Why are licenses sometimes different if product is to be available for inter-library loan, broadcast and also for face-to-face teaching?

These are the types of questions that the AIME office answers on a daily basis.  If you would like to have access to these copyright resources, consider becoming an AIME member. 

PO Box 378
West Milton, PA 17866
Email: geoff.c@craventech.com

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