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Newsletter Highlights

The following topics have been recently covered in the AIME quarterly newsletter.  Newsletter subcriptions are included with AIME memberships.  However, if you only wish to subscribe to the newsletter, you may do so for a $35 annual subscription rate.  Contact the AIME office for details.

Volume: 35 — Issue: 1

Spring — 2020

Managing Remote Technology and Information Systems, copyright and FERPA compliance using remote learning. Safely using Zoom and other conferencing tools in response o COVID-19

Volume: 34 — Issue: 4

Winter — 2019

Privacy Rights - Literacy in the Classroom: Discussion Topics for Educators and Students. Students sharing information via Social Networks such as Snapchat, importance of privacy policies and keeping students safe

Volume: 34 — Issue: 3

Fall — 2019

Alexa - "Are you there" Privacy Implications of Virtual Assistants and AI. Just in time for the start of School, this newsletter features privacy concerns about digital assistants such as Alexa and Google Home in the classroom.

Volume: 34 — Issue: 2

Summer — 2019

Let's go to the Stream: Implications of Teachers Using Personal Streaming Accounts in Clasrooms.

Volume: 34 — Issue: 1

Spring — 2019

Supreme Court Endorses the "Registration Approach" for copyright infringement actions. Questions about enlarging book covers for wall art answered by AIME Attorney

Volume: 33 — Issue: 4

Winter — 2018

Up Tempo: Updating Music Licensing with the Music Modernization Act, Copyright Material Enters Public Domain

Volume: 32 — Issue: 3

fall — 2018

Actions Speak Louder than Words: DMCA's Safe-Harbor Provision and BMG Rights Management (US) LLC v. Cox Communications, Inc. by Arnold Lutzker and Sam Meredith. Q/A: Regarding Use of Student Work in Online PD Courses

Volume: 32 — Issue: 2

Summer — 2018

Fox News Network, LLC v. TVEyes, Inc.: Google Books is Here to Stay, But What Does That Mean? by Arnold Lutzker and Sam Meredith. Q/A: Regarding Use of Book Covers on Social Media.

Volume: 32 — Issue: 1

Spring — 2018

Ad Blockers: Advertiser Adversaries or Adapters? by Arnold Lutzker and Hani Gazal. Q/A: Regarding Use of Licensed Streaming Services in Classrooms and Regarding Copyright and Social Media Posts

Volume: 31 — Issue: 4

Winter — 2017

The Net Effects of a No Longer Neutral Net: The Change That's Coming by Arnold Lutzker and Hani Gazal. Q/A: Regarding Use of DVDs and Regarding Videotaping of Children's Books Being Read Aloud. Also, Regarding Fall 2017 Newsletter Article about DMCA Agent Registration.

Volume: 31 — Issue: 3

Fall — 2017

How to Navigate the Copyright Office's New DMCA Agent Registration Rule and Retain Eligibility for the DMCA's Safe Harbor Provisions by Arnold Lutzker and Ben Sternberg. Q/A: Regarding Use of Periodical Articles and Regarding Use of Video and Links.

Volume: 31 — Issue: 2

Summer — 2017

Some Copyright Developments to Digest This Summer by Arnold Lutzker and Raphael Davidian. Q/A:Regarding YouTube and Copyright and Regarding the Uploading of Audio Books to a Learning Management System.

Volume: 31 — Issue: 1

Spring — 2017

Navigating the Cloud: Some Rules for Copyright and Privacy by Arnold Lutzker and Haleigh Amant. Q/A: Regarding VHS Tapes and Regarding the Use of Spotify at a School Sponsored Dance.

Volume: 30 — Issue: 4

Winter — 2016

Facing Copyright Formalities: Some Winners and Some Losers by Arnold Lutzker. Q/A: Regarding use of song in an elementary musical program and Regarding use of quotations in student art project.

Volume: 30 — Issue: 3

Fall — 2016

End of the Summer Break: Two Matters Worth a Close Watch by Arnold Lutzker and Haleigh Amant. Q/A: Categories of past answers, with citations from past newsletters.

Volume: 30 — Issue: 2

Summer — 2016

Social Media and the Real World: Looking at the Implication for Users, Providers, and Schools by Arnold Lutzker and Haleigh Amant. Q/A: Regarding Foreign Language Magazine Use.

Volume: 30 — Issue: 1

Spring — 2016

Hey, They're Playing my Song: When Copyright Roils Politics by Arnold Lutzker and Haleigh Amant. Q/A: Regarding hosting video content and learning management systems.

Volume: 29 — Issue: 4

Winter — 2015

Developments in Digital Copyright: Google Books and DMCA Exemptions by Arnold Lutzker and Ryan Karr. Q/A: Music Licensing for Schools

Volume: 29 — Issue: 3

Fall — 2015

Summer Musing: Copyrights in Courts and Congress by Arnold Lutzker and Ryan Karr. Q/A: Use of College Logos and Content Ownership by Teachers

Volume: 29 — Issue: 2

Summer — 2015

Limiting Auto Search Results: Some Lessons from the Field by Arnold Lutzker and Nasar Khan. Q/A: Streaming and Video Taping Student Productions

Volume: 29 — Issue: 1

Spring — 2015

The Next Frontier: A Primer on Using Drones Privately and Publicly by Arnold Lutzker and Ryan Karr. Q/A: Use of Trademarked Phrases and Words and Backup Copies of DVDs

Volume: 28 — Issue: 4

Winter — 2014

Slow Cooking a New Normal: resetting the Fair Use Equation in Light of Cambridge University Press v. Patton. Lead article by Arnold Lutzker. Q/A: Regarding Live Streaming of School Events

Volume: 28 — Issue: 3

Fall — 2014

"Supreme Developments: Petrella and Aereo" by Arnold Lutzker and Ryan Karr. Q/A: Regarding Use of iPads and Apps

Volume: 28 — Issue: 2

Summer — 2014

"Googling the World of Knowledge: Digital Search, Access and Preservation Through Fair Use, Author's Guild, Inc.v. Hathitrust" by Arnold Lutzker and Ryan Karr Q/A: Regarding Copyright and New Technologies

Volume: 28 — Issue: 1

Spring — 2014

"Hey! You! Get Off of My DVR Cloud! Aereo and Broadcasters Face Off Before the Supreme Court" by Arnold Lutzker and Ben Sternberg. Q/A: Regarding student use of popular music in a presentation

Volume: 27 — Issue: 4

Winter — 2013

"Privacy Spotlight: A Brief Primer for Educators, Part II" by Arnold Lutzker and Ben Sternberg. Q/A: Regarding the Use of Netflix, iPads and iTunes

Volume: 27 — Issue: 3

Fall — 2013

"Privacy Spotlight: A Brief Primer for Educators" by Arnold Lutzker and Ben Sternberg. Q/A: Regarding the use of Netflix and Other Media Streaming Options

Volume: 27 — Issue: 2

Summer — 2013

"Supreme Court Gives Libraries Substantial Victory Over Publishers in Landmark Copyright Decision: Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons" by Arnold Lutzker and Ben Sternberg. Q/A: Regarding Derivative/Transformative Works; Policies: Copies: Fair Use.

Volume: 27 — Issue: 1

Spring — 2013

"The Hathitrust Decision: How Judicial Activism is 'Transforming" Mass Digitization and its Impact on the Orphan Works Debate, by Arnold Lutzker and Ben Sternberg. Q/A regarding recording workshop presentations and use of music in original video programs.

Volume: 26 — Issue: 4

Winter — 2012

AIME v. UCLA-The Denouement.Q/A includes use of a TV series in a class or professional development and questions from a high school TV productions class.

Volume: 26 — Issue: 3

Fall — 2012

Digital Streaming--Some Ebbs and Flows (Aereo and WPIX v. IVI). Q/A Parents Filming School Events

Volume: 26 — Issue: 2

Summer — 2012

"Cambridge University Press v. Becker" discusses the Georgia copyright case. Arnold Lutzker's Q/A relates to using iBook and iTunes for student work.

Volume: 26 — Issue: 1

Spring — 2012

"Golan V. Holder: Finishing the Symphony of Copyright Restoration" by Arnold Lutzker explains the Supreme Court's ruling issued 1-18-2012. Q/A includes information on student recordings and donations of recordings, use of trademarked phrases in reading programs, and copyright for textbooks.

Volume: 25 — Issue: 4

Winter — 2011

"Copyright Agenda: Stop Onine Piracy Act (SOPA) Lights a Fire" is the lead article by Arnold Lutzker. Q/A deals with library reserves, both physical and e-reserves.

Volume: 25 — Issue: 3

Fall — 2011

Patents: A Brief Primer by Arnold Lutzker and Susan Lutzker; Q/A on Use of Personal Netflix Accounts in the Classroom

Volume: 25 — Issue: 2

Summer — 2011

"John Doe Lawsuits: A Club Against a Torrent of Movie Downloads" is the lead article. Arnold Lutzker's Q&A discusses reproductions of art works and using the iPod in a classroom setting.

Volume: 25 — Issue: 1

Spring — 2011

COSTCO V. OMEGA: What an Equally Divided Supreme Court Ruling Means for Schools and Libaries is the lead article by Arnold Lutzker and Susan Lutzker. Copyright Q/A focuses on photographs and artwork.

Volume: 24 — Issue: 4

Winter — 2010

Arnold Lutzker reviews the UCLA complaint "AIME and Ambrose: fighting for Digital Streaming Rights." Q&A relates to downloading and streaming from cable TV and uses of original artwork.

Volume: 24 — Issue: 3

Fall — 2010

"The Portable E-Book Revolution, Part II: The Institutional User" by Arnold Lutzker; Q/A on 'Smart' Electronic Whiteboards and copying of consumables

Volume: 24 — Issue: 2

Summer — 2010

"The Portable E-Book Revolution, Part 1: The individual User" by attorney Arnold Lutzker is featured.

Volume: 24 — Issue: 1

Spring — 2010

A short primer on educational video streaming is provided by attorney Arnold Lutzker.

Volume: 23 — Issue: 4

Winter — 2009

"Google Books Settlement: The Greatest Book Deal of All Time?" by Arnold Lutzker and Jeannette Carmadella discusses implications to copyright law.

Volume: 23 — Issue: 3

Fall — 2009

"Creative Commons: A Resource for Free and Legal Content" provides considerations and potential pitfalls. Written by Arnold Lutzker and Jeannette Mauer Carmadella.

Volume: 23 — Issue: 2

Summer — 2009

"TEACH Act: Staying True to Form" provides highlights with commentary by attorney Arnold Lutzker.

Volume: 23 — Issue: 1

Spring — 2009

"PowerPoint and Posts: Three Step Plan to Avoid Copyright Problems and Pitfalls" by Arnold Lutzker gives copyright basics and a plan if you post PowerPoints on your website.

Volume: 22 — Issue: 4

Winter — 2008

Attorney Arnold Lutzker reviews copyright issues in "2008-2009: Look Forward, Looking Back."

Volume: 22 — Issue: 3

Fall — 2008

"Taking Stock: Web 2.0 and the New Era of Content Rights" discusses who's responsible for content and the role of Fair Use.

Volume: 22 — Issue: 2

Summer — 2008

"Downloading Video and Audio Content: The Low Down" provides information teachers, administrators, media producers and distributors need to consider.

Volume: 22 — Issue: 1

Spring — 2008

"Copyright and Digital Yearbooks" is the topic of discussion by attorney Arnold Lutzker.

Volume: 21 — Issue: 4

Winter — 2007

Arnold Lutzker discusses "The Other Digital Music Controversy: Online Compulsory License" in this issue of AIME NEWS.

Volume: 21 — Issue: 3

Fall — 2007

"Copyright Cops: The Future of Educators?" by Arnold Lutzker covers the Reid Copyright Amendment to Higher Ed Bill, CCIA's FTC Gambit, and Steps Educators Should Take NOW to Stay Ahead of the Issue.

Volume: 21 — Issue: 2

Summer — 2007

"The Complete National Geographic Lives!" is the topic of Arnold Lutzker's article, covering Tasini, Greenberg I and Greenbeg II.

Volume: 21 — Issue: 1

Spring — 2007

Piracy, university networks and other legislative initiatives are discussed by attorney Arnold Lutzker in "Democrats in the House: Swapping Chairs, Keeping Issues."

Volume: 20 — Issue: 4

Winter — 2006

Arnold Lutzker writes about the exemptions granted for 2006-2009 in his article, "Cracking the Anti-Circumvention Code." He also covers what is important in the 2006 rulemaking decision.

Volume: 20 — Issue: 3

Fall — 2006

In "The iPod and Podcasting in the Classroom: Copyright 'Rulecasts' To Heed," Arnold Lutzker presents the issues with using such electronic devices in your teaching regime.

Volume: 20 — Issue: 2

Summer — 2006

Attorney Arnold Lutzker presents two misperceptions of copyright law about the state of fair use and home copying, citing Sony Corp. of America v. Universal City Studios, 464 US 417 (1984). The fair use debate continues in the digital age while content industries are challenging further comsumers' and equipment manufacturers' notions of entitlement.

Volume: 20 — Issue: 1

Spring — 2006

Volume: 19 — Issue: 4

Winter — 2005

"Staying in Focus: Digital Photo Primer" is the topic of Arnold Lutzker's article for AIME members. He includes information on downloading and using digital images and the registration process for photographs.

Volume: 19 — Issue: 3

Fall — 2005

"Inter-Library Lending and Online School System Union Catalogs: A Lesson in Copyright Liability" by Arnold Lutzker notes that neither first sale, nor fair use guarantees free loaning of DVDs/Videos.

Volume: 19 — Issue: 2

Summer — 2005

Volume: 18 — Issue: 1

Spring — 2005

"Trademark Primer for Educators, Part 1" by Arnold Lutzker discusses the difference between a copyright and a trademark.

Volume: 18 — Issue: 4

Winter — 2004

In "Making Sausage: Legislating Copyright Law as the 108th Congress Closes," Arnold Lutzker discusses the Satellite License Reauthorization Act, reform of copyright arbitration royalty panels, runaway film productions-Tax Changes, and the National Intellectual Property Law Enforcement Coordination Council.

Volume: 18 — Issue: 3

Fall — 2004

Volume: 18 — Issue: 2

Summer — 2004

Volume: 18 — Issue: 1

Spring — 2004

Volume: 17 — Issue: 4

Winter — 2003

In DMCA.Rulemaking.v.'03, AIME attorney Arnold Lutzker assesses the two rulemakings of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act as conducted by the Copyright Office, the Librarian of Congress and the National Telecommunication Information Administration (NTIA).

Volume: 17 — Issue: 3

Fall — 2003

The lead article in AIME NEWS is Primer on ISP Principles: Parsing the Meaning of P2P Litigation, written by Arnold Lutzker. The AIME attorney presents a Primer on ISP Principles to help understand the issues behind peer-to-peer litigation and the meaning for file sharing.

Volume: 17 — Issue: 2

Summer — 2003

Attorney Arnold Lutzker presents Litigation Update: Repackaging PD Films, Shrink Wrap Licenses, Pop Up Ads and Backup Copies of DVDs in this issue of the AIME newsletter. Highlights of Dastar v. Fox Films, Baystate Technologies v. Bowers, Gator and WhenU cases, and 321 Studies v. Movie Companies are presented.

Volume: 17 — Issue: 1

Spring — 2003

"P2P: Get Ready to Get Tough!" presents problems of file sharingÂ…peer-to-peer (P2P) transfers of digital files and copyright issues. The problems for schools, congressional reaction, institutional liability and disciplinary actions are discussed.

Volume: 16 — Issue: 4

Winter — 2002

"Copyright 2003: A Lot on the Agenda" gives highlights of what is expected in the new year. The TEACH Act, copyright term, Section 1201 Anti-Circumvention Rulemaking and legislation affecting fair use are noted.

Volume: 16 — Issue: 3

Fall — 2002

"Umbrella Licensing of School Buildings for Public Performances of Movies: A Tool for Copyright Compliance" discusses location-based licenses and the various restrictions they have. Public performances, limits, fair use and questions to ask when negotiating for such licenses are highlighted.

Volume: 16 — Issue: 2

Summer — 2002

Attorneys Arnold Lutzker and Allison Rapp discuss digital battlegrounds, as control over streaming content seems to be the debate issue. Access, streaming, downloading, educational uses and First Sale Doctrine are all addressed.

Volume: 16 — Issue: 1

Spring — 2002

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is now 4 years old, and several important lawsuits have been filed. Eldred v. Ashcroft, Golan v. Ashcroft, Universal City Studios, Inc. v. Corley and DVD Copy Control Association v. Bunner are on their way to the highest courts.

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