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Why Join AIME?

Educational film/video producers and distributors founded AIME in 1986.  AIME has a reputation for the quality of copyright support it provides to schools, libraries, and the educational media industry.

AIME, The Association for Information Media and Equipment, is a national association of educational film and video producers/distributors, schools, libraries, museums and other media users who work with information video, interactive technologies, computer software and equipment for educational and information uses.

Members find that written responses from AIME's legal counsel prove to be the greatest value-added benefit.  Member questions are answered by an attorney specializing in intellectual property and copyright law. The quarterly newsletter provides timely information based current issues related to delivery of content and use of materials in a variety of on-site and distance education settings.  Producers and distributors of educational content also find AIME resources provide the copyright answers they need.

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Institutional Memberships
An institutional member is someone who represents a school district, library system, or other organization that utilizes media.

What do I receive with my Institutional Membership?

  • Subscription to our quarterly newsletter, AIME News.
  • Written answers to your copyright questions by legal counsel to AIME.
  • The opportunity to network with members who distribute and produce media products.
  • Access to membership listing.
  • Access to the Copyright Information Packet.
  • Voting representation on the AIME Board of Directors.

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Corporate Memberships

Both large and small companies find their AIME membership provides important benefits.

  • Subscription to our quarterly newsletter, AIME News.
  • A homepage link through AIME's website.
  • Access to membership listing.
  • Voting Representation on the AIME Board of Directors.
  • A voice and advocate for those in a common industry.
  • Support to help protect their copyrights.
  • Information about pending legislation, government guidelines and regulations.
  • Networking opportunities with others in the industry.
  • Networking opportunities with Institutional Members, your customers.

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